Thursday, August 17, 2017

We need our girlfriends....

I was invited to a fun luncheon today
by a group of SINGLE women.


I have to say I was shocked...for just a few seconds...
why, I haven't been SINGLE since I was a very very young girl.

It was the first time I realized "I am a widow".

 A lot of the ladies I knew...
and some I didn't, so it was a fine chance to make new friend.

This photo is way out of focus but I just love it anyway.
...a new friend on the left..
another Betty that plays Bunco with us sometime in the pretty orange..
and moi in the turquoise.

I had a really good time...
it felt good to get "out and about" 
and I thanked them all for inviting me.
They promised  they would want me back the next time...
they all belong to the same church and all are either
divorced or widowed....and they have lunch together once a month.

I could feel myself getting sad when I realized that now,
I am a widow...
but, I just sucked it up,
knew Mr. Sweet hated me to cry so even tho I still have crying spells,
I am going to try to enjoy my friends and doing things with them.

After our luncheon,
Martha and I went to a 
clothing party and it was such fun..
We laughed a lot and's true....Laughter is the best medicine.

I didn't get photos of the fun time...
when I walked into the room for the party,
I had 4 grandgirls...
2 Great-grands....
my sweet daughter in law...
several good friends...
all at one one room...
now, THAT is what I call a blessing deluxe....

At the end of the day with friends,
I went home and I got to hold and swing our newest great-grandboy,

all in all,
it was a very nice day with tons of blessings all around me..

I didn't realize I had lost weight until I saw this picture of myself.

I will get back to eating regular meals and try to get that gaunt look from my olden face.

We didn't get the chance to have our picture
made TOGETHER on our 57th anniversary day...
so I took one of him at the rehab facility
and a selfie of me on the same day and put them together.

I thought I had more time with him...
there was ONE MORE med that could have helped him stay with us
awhile longer...
he just didn't make it that long.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


PINK is a color that can always bring a smile to my olden lips....
I don't have very much of the color in my house...
looking around in my living room,

THESE TWO CUTIES are about the only pink I see...


PINK stripes REALLY make me smile.

 I had a PINK smoothie with breakfast this morning ♥ ♥ ♥

Deeds, our youngest grandgirl, taught me how to make one
and I LUV them.

This one was made with
fresh strawberries
plain yogurt
agave syrup for sweetness
splash of milk
ice cubes 

I love finding cute mugs in the thrift stores...
most I pay about 25 cents for.....
  like this little PINK bunny cup...
he looks like he's been drinking coffee....see those drips on his nose and mouth. 

I'm working hard at having better days...

just knowing our
Mr. Sweet is having
the kind of days that you and I can't even IMAGINE
 how great
 helps MY days to be better.
♥ ♥ ♥

Here's hoping YOU have 
a good

LOVE to all..... bj